harrison 2000
harrison 2000
harrison 2000

Jim Harrison & Gérard Oberlé

Hans Gissinger pursues his gastronimic-pictorial work with an exhibition, at the Maison de la chasse et de la nature in Paris, of eight monumental prints on canvas. These images also illustrate a publication - inserted into Beaux-Arts magazine (September 2000 issue) - presenting an unpublished correspondance between the writers and friends Jim Harrison and Gérard Oberlé on themes of gastronomy, hunting, landscapes and birds...

The epistolary exchange unfolds between the Morvan, an old French mountain mass of the primary era, where Oberlé lives, and Arizona, where Harrison spends his time when he is not in his Michigan hills.

Through their letters, we discover the ambiance of the days they have spent hunting together, along with other writer friends, finding themselves, after a day of wanderings, around the cooked results of the hunt. Through their lines, we discover those of the landscapes, the birds that populate and nest in these quasi-virgin settings...


Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature
Sept 2-Oct 24, 2000 Paris, France